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Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder of Disrupting Africa; ghostwriter, solutions journalist who helps leaders tell their story; spiritual writer and fiction author.


  • stephen fife

    stephen fife

    a jesus follower and shepherd in the methodist tribe. apprentice counselor. lifelong learner.

  • Jonathan Brink

    Jonathan Brink

  • Abhishek Khowal

    Abhishek Khowal

    Abhishek Khowal expert in various industry last several year as content web design app design SEO digital marketing etc.

  • Andries Bekker

    Andries Bekker

    Poet | Writer and Sales Innovation Expert @rethinksales & Co-Founder - a B2B Prospecting & Lead Gen-as-a-Service.

  • Shaun Melissa Adams

    Shaun Melissa Adams

    Friend of Jesus. Husband of Melissa Father of Riley Builder of the kingdom Pastor

  • Kirk Slow

    Kirk Slow

  • Paula Salovaara

    Paula Salovaara

    Journalist. Tweets in Finnish, Swedish and English

  • Johannes Richter

    Johannes Richter

    Journalist, reader, observer, aspiring post-foundationalist and student of complexity. Trekkie.

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